How to Dress Thin in the Gym

BEYOND Yoga Cris Cross Cami

This fitted cami from BEYOND Yoga provides a flattering figure

We see them all the time: a schlubby t-shirt, likely with a beer logo on it, and baggy pants that look horrible.  We know everyone wants to be healthy and look their best, so why do so many people wear slightly better than rags to the gym?  Plus, those baggy pants and t-shirts are not doing your body any favors.

If you’re working hard for it—no matter your size—you should show it off!  Here are some ideas for looking as great at the gym as you do when you’re out on the town.

Wear a good bra.  Ladies, you know this is true; a good bra will give you great posture and the girls will be where they’re supposed to be.  Not to mention with any high-impact workout you want to make sure everything is staying put.  The shoulders should be snug but comfortable.  The band along the bottom should be supportive and lie flat with no rolling or pinching.  The cups should fully cover what needs to be covered, no side cleavage or bulging.  A good look always starts with a good foundation.

Bottoms.  Bottoms should also be fitted, but not too tight or too loose.  You want a waistband that sits comfortably with no muffin top.  Take a close look at your hips; the lines at your hips should be smooth. If you see a little bump where the hip joint is, go up a size.   Don’t wear a length that cuts you off at a wide part.  If you’re calves are a bit larger, then go for above-the-knee or to the ankle.  If you’re a bit bottom-heavy, choose a bell bottom that will help balance your hips.

Tops.  Nothing too loose!  Choose a fitted shirt or tank top that moves well with you.  You’ll be exercising after all, so you don’t want to feel restricted in the shoulder or tight across the chest or back.  Many people opt for tank tops so they can stay a little cooler and not worry about tight shoulders.  Watch the fit through the rib cage, the waistline, and at the hips for longer shirts.  Make sure there is an inch or two of space, but not more than that.

Camis.  A good cami top offers support, covers you well, and doesn’t gap or make you look like a sausage.  Look for good internal bras that do what you need for the workout and then an outer fabric layer that has a little space from the bra.

Prints.  Use prints strategically.  A detail at the hip can be slimming or highlight an area you might not want to.  A print at the bust line can downplay or show off what you’ve got.  Pick prints that work with your frame and highlight your assets.

Dark Bottoms.  There’s a reason you see so many black bottoms at the gym.  They are slimming, but some are better than others.  Look for seaming that hits you in the right places and the details on the back are as flattering as the details in the front.

A great gym workout can actually inspire you to workout and help your self-esteem.  Choose great pieces and strut your stuff as you move from one powerful move to the next!

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