Body Angel Activewear: My Traveling Pants

Look awesome in a sea of black leggings with these Body Angel Activewear Half Moon pants

Today’s post is from Brooke Siler, a member of the Advisory Counsel.

Fresh out of the package, my Body Angel pants received “oohs” and “aahs” for their awesome tie-dye splashes on the belly and cuffs. But then I put them on for a test run and saw their true magic … thinner thighs through the art of trump l’oeil! A wider cuff not only makes my inner hippie happy, but narrows the look of my thighs. I’m not sure there is a better combination effect that us hip-py babes could ask for.

The true test: I brought them with me to a Gratz Pilates conference in Arizona last week along with a Body Angel sexy cut-out top I also got from them. For those not accustomed to attending such conferences, they are equal parts working out, learning, playing, and dressing up. Back in the day, fancy socks were the only way one could distinguish oneself in the sea of black leggings and tops. Nowadays, besides a vast array of uber-cool new nail polishes (the lesser-known Pilates accessory), workout clothing selections are happily becoming more interesting to look at.

After a preliminary workout in my Body Angel outfit, I decided the cut-out top “out-sexed” the conference and needed to have its day outside the workout arena.  After all, there is nothing better than a traveling workout outfit that doubles as dinner-wear. And, p.s., when paired with a good push-up bra and well-fitting jeans, it proved to be the perfect dinner companion!  Well, besides my awesome colleagues.

Brooke Siler, is owner of re:AB Pilates in New York City and is author of the best-selling series “The Pilates Body.”





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