ActivewearUSA Treasure Box

ActivewearUSA is excited to announce their new Treasure Box! Who doesn’t love to find treasure! For just $75 ActivewearUSA will send you a Treasure Box filled with at least $150 (at least two pieces) worth  of workout clothes that have been hand selected by your own Style Consultant based on your style profile.  How fun is that!


Here’s how it works:

  • Purchase an ActivewearUSA Treasure Box.
  • An ActivewearUSA Style Consultant will contact you to understand your style size, fit preference, the activities you do and the type of items you would prefer.
  • Your ActivewearUSA Style Consultant personally picks the best items for you and ships them to you the same day!
  • You get awesome new workout clothes for a steal!

So. Easy.

A $75 Treasure Box gift card would be a great holiday gift for your favorite yogi, runner, and adventurer girlfriends!  You should probably treat yourself to a Treasure Box while you’re at it.

Enjoy the treasure hunt!

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