Lunchtime Workouts: 10 Tips to Stay Fit & Impress Your Boss

Who needs to power lunch when you can squeeze in a great workout instead?  Don’t scarf down a heavy meal; burn those calories off and come back to your desk recharged and ready to plow through your afternoon.

Some Guidelines

1. Change clothes.  If you need to change out of your office attire, slide into your demure and cute (the boss might see you!) togs.  Silk blouses and high heels just don’t stand up well to hard core workouts.

2. Bring along a work buddy.  You can kill two birds with one stone by talking about a work project while you workout.  Then it doesn’t even count as a lunch break.

3. You only need 30 minutes.  The American College of Sports Medicine suggests you move 30 minutes most days of the week, so think of a short burst of activity and save the longer workouts for the weekend or after hours.

4. Save your super sweaty workouts for outside work time.  Think resistance training, power walking, Pilates, or Yoga, not a T-shirt wringing Spinningtm class.

5. Baby wipes.  These perform cleaning miracles on baby bottoms every day.  After a moderate workout, they are a great way to freshen yourself before going back to your desk.

6. Bring toiletries.  You’ll definitely want to freshen up with deodorant, some hair supplies, and makeup.

7.Plan your lunch.  You’ll need to grab something quickly, so either brown bag it from home (it’s healthier and lower cal anyway) or make sure you can get food quickly.

8. Let your boss know what you’re doing.  Believe it or not, telling your boss that you care about your health shows him you’re a go-getter.  This could work in your favor and land you a promotion or raise.

9. Keep spare socks in your office.  The thing you’re the most likely to forget to throw in your bag is workout socks.  Just keep an extra pair stashed somewhere in your desk.  If you’ve got enough room, you might want to stow some sneakers or other workout gear too.

10. Start a fitness club at work.  It can be fun to involve your coworkers; you’ll find new workout partners and you can have a little friendly competition.  Make it fun for the whole office!

The entire lunch time workout, from changing, powering through 30 minutes of exercise, and getting back to your desk, should take no more than 45 minutes total, so you have time to eat lunch too.  It is very doable if you plan ahead.  Let us know what you’re favorite lunch time workout is.

Remember to always consult with a physician before starting any new exercise program.

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